New EP - pre-order now!

Our new EP, Auster is available to pre-order now! And as a special treat, you can stream a brand new track called Snow Effect. Enjoy. 

Goop Shop, coming soon

We are really excited to be back at the Goop Shop this Thursday, 11/6. Bloc is one of our favourites! The last time we played with St Deluxe, the promoter had been arrested, so that was interesting! What pandemonium will ensue this time? 

Meet Makings

Hey y'all,

Meet Makings, from Dublin. They're coming to play in Edinburgh on 6/6 with us and We Came From The North. We are stoked to welcome them to our hometown. Here's what they have to say about things: 

Who are Makings?

Makings are Rick Burn (Lead Vocal, Guitar, Synth), Barry Shock (Guitar, Synth, Vocal), Paddy Reynolds (Drums, Beats, Vocal) & Raul Marcos (Bass, Vocal). We're a four piece 'Electro Rock' band based in Dublin. Although based in Dublin, none of us are actually from here originally. I'm from Donegal, Rick is from Louth, Barry is from Paisley in Scotland, and Raul is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Earlier this year we put the finishing touches to our debut album 'Cognition' with the legendary 'Urban Hymns’ producer Chris Potter.

Tell us about your sound

Big, fat, synthy, guitary, beatsy, ballsy!! We use electronic beats and synths as well as live drums and guitars. I suppose we blur the lines a bit when it comes to genre as we take influence from Rock, Electro, Pop, Industrial and Dance to name a few.

People can have trouble comparing our sound to other bands, but one name that has popped up on more than one occasion is Depeche Mode. If you're a fan of the 80s synth rock group then you will most definitely enjoy a Makings show. Think distorted guitars, electro synths, looped beats, funky bass, banging drums and 4 vocals. Nobody is allowed to stand still at one of our shows!!

Talk about pedals for a bit

I like to keep things simple. I use a three channel valve amp 'Carvin V3M' which is my bread and butter. It has really good distortions, as well as lovely clean and reverbs. I have a couple of clean boosts that I use for solos etc. The latest pedal I have a acquired is a multi-effects pedal called an 'Adrenalinn' which is giving me some great synthy guitar effects that midi-sync up with the beats, it's sounding really good with some new material we’re working on.

*Raul *
My pedals are Super Octave OC-3, Bass Synthetizer SYB-5, Expression Pedal EV-5. The synthesizer pedal is awesome, it adds a new funky, synth flavour to the bass lines and its performance for electro music is outstanding. This combined with the expression pedal brings the electro bass lines to a new
dimension, being able to control and change frequency, resonance and decay rate. I'm happy out playing with these three at the minute.

I'm using a Line 6 Delay Pedal, Boss DS-1, JoYo Ultimate Drive,Boss Digital Delay, JoYo Sweet Baby.

I recently got a new toy for my vocal, a Digitech Vocalist Live. It's pretty sweet, has loads of customisable effect presets, as well as some really nice reverbs and delays. I'm loving the fact that I can completely change the vocal from one song to the next, and without having to trouble the engineer.

It's not too often you hear drummers talking about pedals, but I use a Pigtronix 'Infinity Looper' for looping beats I make with a Roland Octapad SPD. It's a top quality looper with midi-sync and can take two separate sources, so we can lay down the beats and loop synth on top. It has dual stereo outs, which makes for really good sound quality and an auxiliary out so I can get the loop in one ear. Savage piece of gear, it really enables us to build a big sound onstage.

Looking forward to your trip to Scotland?
We can’t wait. This will be our first venture outside of Ireland as a band and hopefully the first of many. I haven't been back to the Motherland in a few years so I'm very much looking forward to the trip.

Yeah can't wait, I've been to Edinburgh a few times, absolutely love the place. It'll be nice to be over doing shows as well as having a good time!!

What are your plans for 2015? 

I suppose number one on the list is to break into the festival circuit this Summer and start touring as much as possible in Ireland as well as the UK and rest of Europe.

Yeah that's our priority at the minute, as well as getting the album out there. We've just signed a worldwide distribution deal so 'Cognition' will be on the shelves in decent record stores as well as online in early June.
We're doing a UK Tour at that time beginning in Stirling and finishing in London and will be promoting the album along the way. Back to Ireland then for what we hope to be a busy Summer.

We also want to have enough new material by the end of the year to make a start on album number two, so we're constantly writing and jamming on new tunes, as well as the rehearsals for upcoming shows. There's more videos on the way too, so keep an eye on our Youtube channel -

All going to plan 2015 will be a great year for Makings, we'll just keepdoing what we're doing, enjoy what we're doing and keep the faith.

New EP on the way

Guess what ? We're nearly ready to release our new EP which is called AUSTER. 

To celebrate its completion, we've got our first Edinburgh show in 6 whole months. We're welcoming Makings from Dublin and our pals We Came From the North are coming too. Should be fun!

Plus, if you rock up in one of the three bands tshirts, you get in extra cheap! 

Going international

Hey! Wozniak are off to Dublin soon. We'll be playing at The Grand Social with Makings on 16 May. Come along, it'll be really cool. 

Time Machine

We recorded a cover of Ride's Time Machine for a brilliant compilation featuring bands from all over the world. Leave Them All Behind is out now at